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Гид иностранного абитуриента: РУССКИЙ

Admission requirements.

Attention! Entrance exams are held in Russian!  If your Russian language proficiency is insufficient, you will need to take preparatory courses. For more information please contact Preparatory courses (+7 963 717-15-98 ,

Bachelor (BA) and 5-year Specialist degree admission for foreign students

When applying for BA and 5-year specialist educational programmes, foreign citizens and stateless persons pass the following entrance tests:
a) general entrance tests: Russian language (oral interview or a test), literature (test);

b) additional tests in the relevant field of training (specialty).

The Academy allocates the number of places available for admission of foreign citizens, and conducts a separate competition for these places.

Admission requirements (russian language for BA programmes) (russian )

Admission requirements (literature for BA programmes) (russian )

Admission requirements (russian language for 5-year specialist degree) (russian )

Admission requirements (literature for 5-year specialist degree) (russian )

Master (MA), PhD and assistantship programmes admission for foreign students

When applying for MA, PhD and assistantship educational programmes, foreign citizens and stateless persons pass the following entrance tests:

a) creative test (for all areas of training, except 53.04.06 Musicology and music applied arts) and professional test (for 53.04.06 Musicology and music applied arts);

b) Russian language (oral interview or a test).

Admission requirements (russian language for MA programmes) (russian )

Admission requirements (russian language for assistantship programmes applicants) (russian )

Admission requirements (russian language for PhD applicants) (russian )

The entry examinations are carried out in accordance with federal regulations specified in the “Rules for Admission to the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music” and are approved annually. Please check the proper education level pages to access the Rules.

Requirements for admission tests for applicants and rules of admission are published on the official website of the Academy Academy‘s admission requirements help to assess creative, academic, technical and intellectual abilities of students. Evaluation criteria are reflected in detail in the admission requirements for each educational program. Admission tests allow to reveal musical and art-related abilities of applicants and the level of their knowledge according to their profile. A colloquium includes questions that reveal general cultural and musical erudition of the applicants. Analysis and evaluation of the results of admission tests are presented in written reports of the Admissions office. The contingent of applicants is sufficient to select the most prepared for training.

Policies, procedures and rules for the admission of applicants are carried out consistently and transparently. After admission to the Academy, the process of student initiation includes getting acquainted with the Academy and the educational programme, visiting the Memorial Museum-apartment, meeting with teachers of a department, the heads of structural units, the rector of the Academy.

The order of students transfer from other educational organizations, as well as the order of re-certification of disciplines mastered by students in other educational organizations are fixed in the local normative documents posted on the official website: “Regulations on transfer of students from other educational organizations”, “Regulations on re-certification of disciplines for students studying at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music”, which provides objective recognition of previously acquired qualifications of higher education, periods of training and previous education.



For additional information please contact:

Address: 30-36, Povarskaya Street, Moscow, 121069, Russia

Rector’s Office:

General inquiries

+7 495 691-15-54

Admissions Office:

Information on admission requirements and entrance exams

+7 495 690-69-63
+7 963 717-15-98

Preparatory courses:

Preparatory courses before taking entrance exams

+7 495 691-24-96

Department of international cooperation:

International academic mobility & students exchange programs

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